Emotional Burnout? Watch Out For These 7 Causes

Giving yourself permission to slow down, avoid the immediate demands and expectations of others, and to rest, is key to your survival and effectiveness. Christine Louise Hohlbaum[1], describes burnout as, A ‘silent condition’ induced by chronic stress characterized by emotional [or] physical exhaustion, cynicism and a lack of professional efficacy. Having not acknowledged for a […]

50 Personal Affirmations Mothers Should Say on Mothering Sunday and Everyday

Mothers, you merit appreciation and praise. Those with young children invest energy into their lives, and those whose children have grown, continue to show love by offering advice, encouragement and affirmation when needed. Sadly, many of you feel unappreciated and unloved. Sometimes your expectations of what it means to be valued aren’t the reality you […]

3 Reasons Why You Must Use Your Talents, Now!

If you’re talented, skilled and capable of adding value – which by the way, you are – you need to come off the bookshelf and shine brightly. And you need to do it now! Your life has purpose. And all that’s deposited in you is there for a reason; to make a difference, to leave […]

10 Characteristics of Healthy Communication in Conflict Situations

Ever feel like you’re not being heard? Frustrating isn’t it? Yet, despite knowing these frustrations, we all on occasion fail one another when faced with conflict situations. Whether you fear confrontation or simply don’t know how to address it, you have a responsibility to others to face it (albeit sensitively) face on. It’s in these […]